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AWKWOOD is the title of the latest comics work by Jase Harper, published by Milk Shadow Books. What's awesome is that Jase will be having the launch AT #ZICS14!

Also! There's still a bunch of hours left on the pozible campaign and plenty of table space, get in now! www.pozible.com/zics14

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Nat Karmichael is running a petition on change.org with the aim of sending a letter to Australian newspapers, demanding an article be written about the latest all-aussie comics anthology 'Oi! Oi! Oi!' Which will be selling at ZICS this year

Sign to keep aussie creators in the spotlight!

Australian Newspaper and Media Outlets: Publish a story on new Australian comic anthology Aussie...
There are NO Australian comics to be found on the local newsstands and this one deserves exposure to keep our local talented cartoonists and artists...
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A big heartfelt thanks again to everyone that has pledged their support!

If you haven't already booked your table/ opening night tickets, there's only 24 hours to go, so come join the party before the campaign wraps up!


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But it's not over yet! There's still two days left to go on the ticker, any and all donations received from here out will go towards making ZICS better and better. GIGANTIC THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO GOT IT FUNDED!!!

Mehran Ghadiri, Nicola Hardy, Luke You, Kayla Hargreaves, Rose Wadsworth, Philip Dearest, Tamara lazaroff, Nancy Francois, Jack Ford Morgan, Brendan Foley, Jase Harper, Alisha Howard, Samantha Calcraft, Simon Gray, Kat Tupong, Rizzeria Collective, Cameron Loney, Will Kelly, Scheree Reeves, Daniel OCallaghan, Natasha Nicholls, Jessee John, Michael Prior, Alexandra Szweryn, Leonie Sanderson, Christopher James, Emmanuel Hernaez, Talia Enright, Glenn Manders, Connor Nierfeld, Alexandra Szweryn, Brad Marsellos, Tom Groenestyn, India Webster, Kay Aspden, Tom Magee, Amy Maynard, Bernard Hobson, Steph Payne, Candice Field, Nathan Kearney, Shaun Craike, Sophie Benjamin, Zachary Smith-Cameron, Matthew Longbottom, Daniel Gregory Mcguiness, Nat Karmichael, Alex Cambolvitch, Vanessa Berry, Mike Garvey, Anna Dunnill, Damian West, Rita, Heather Blacklock, Nicole McDonald, Sarah Romig, Cooper Spowart, Sarah Murray, Benjamin Constantine, Maria Merle, Chloe Walsh, Jesse Irwin, Tim Hutton, Blodwyn Godwin, Tanya Davies, Jess Rankine, Alex Burmester, Mick Byrne, Laura Burroni, Comics Etc.

See you at ZICS!

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Here are the names of some of the coolest people in and around Australia btw (ZICS pozible pledges)

Cooper Spowart, Sarah Murray, Benjamin Constantine, Maria Merle, Chloe Walsh, Jesse Irwin, Tim Hutton, Maria Merle

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69 hours to go (hehe) and less then $500 to get us over the line. Grab your shirt, launch tickets, stall, and high-fives on over at the pozible. Announcements for panels, workshops and performers are coming soon !

ZICS 2014 AUGUST 29-31 by ZICS, Jeremy Staples, Tamara lazaroff, Tom Magee, Mehran Ghadiri,...
Brisbane's Zine and Independent Comic Symposium, last weekend of August (29th-31st) 2014.
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