Jeremy Staples, co-founder of ZICS opened Copier Jam! a exhibition showcasing current zine and independent comic creators, collectives and distributors from across Australia on Sunday at the Childers Arts Space. Philip Dearest & Andy Paine attended the opening and ran workshops through the day. Copier Jam! is on show until 27 September.

Copier Jam
Copier Jam! opening at Childers Arts Space. Sunday 26 July 2015. Photos: Sabrina Lauriston Bargara Heart Photography
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Looks like #ZICS15 is gonna be a part of an awesome weekend for zines and comix in Brissy! On Saturday night Lost Movements zine is launching their Xth issue with bands playing upstairs in Black Box, lvl 2 of the Absoe building, a bit before when we'll be hosting the after-party at Visions Gallery next door! If that's too much to handle in one hit, don't worry, Dr. Sketchy's is happening at around the same time - relaxed, inclusive, costumed life-drawing session to finish off the day at The Edge, Queensland, info here:

Lost Movements X
Brand new venue opening up in West End to host the 10th edition of Lost Movements. Featuring Brisbane's finest emerging talent across the artistic spectrum.

Live Music
@[110052852429587:274:FEET TEETH] | @[770129113011928:274:The Rocket Sox] | @[455816831157858:274:Cordeaux] |
@[408963942501484:274:House of Giants] | @[585698304810128:274:The Goon Sax]

@[1425362917731250:274:CHOP BOWL] | @[192739230894144:274:PACTS.] | @[579357828848146:274:Butterlungs]

Lenore Noire | Lady Cave | Ella Bon Chic

Jordan Azcune | Ursula Larin | Jaden Gallahger | Deane P Featonby
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You did it! You got us over the line with hours to spare! Huuuge thank you from everyone at the ZICS collective - this year's event won't disappoint!

ZICS15 event page

After party event page

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100for10 are artists monograhphs of 100 pages each, for only 10 Euro.

The art project was initated by Melville Brand Design in Munich, Germany in 2015. We invite international artists to join the project and create a monography of their artwork the authors define the content and the design. All books are available via print-on-demand ( in Black and White. This way no storage-costs incur and sustainable producton is ensured.
The works center around the fields of art, illustration, graphic design, photography and fashion.
Just to name a few artists that already created a book: Damir Doma, Myla DalBesio,Martin Fengel, Adam Hayes, Bureau Mirko Borsche, Supermundane, Gui Martines, Tokyo Artists that will follow: Stefan Marx, Steven Harrington, Andrea Wan, Kevin Lyons, Edward Fella, Sayori Wada and many more!
Its a continuously growing collecton that features renowned artists as well as young up-and-coming talents.

presenting unique artwork to a broad audience
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Just over 24 hours to go! ZICS is planned for August 22-23, and we need to raise the funds to put it on!

So whats happening this year? Well, we can now announce a panel with Megahex creator Simon Hansellman will be in conversation with cult Indie Comic/Zine makers, HTML Flowers and Nicky Minus!

Weve got Dr Sketchys hosting a life-drawing event on the Saturday night! A live show from members of Saturday afternoons music panel including HTML Flowers, Gonzovillain, Jess Locke, Nana Vigilante and Bad Bangers!

Well be running workshops, including a chance to operate a Risograph! All this plus Poetry slams, conversation panels, and the hall where the best in brightest of comics and zine scenes will be displaying their swag!

Help us make this amazing event happen! Go to, even $5 will be appreciated!"
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ZICS co-founder Jeremy Staples has been busy working on Copier Jam! an exhibition showcasing current zine & independent comic creators, collectives and distributors from across Australia. Copier Jam! opens on Sunday 26 July as part of the Childers Festival

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