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Here's the table sitch for the #ZICS14 weekend exhibition family fun time! (working title)


1 ZICS Paraphernalia & Info Desk
2 4ZZZ Radio
3 Australian Cultural Library
4 Natalie Clark
5 Shane Troubles
6 ZICS Guests table
7 Damien West
8 Slubs - Alex Campbell
9 2014 24hr comics Winner - Mic Mc
10 Bernard Hobson
11 Tim Hutton
12 Mungo Van Krimpen-Hall
13 Ashcan Comics
14 Daniel Foothead
15 Shaun Craike
16 Brad Marsellos
18 Paul Taylor
19 Samantha Calcraft
20 Simon Gray
21 Daniel O'Callaghan
22 Milk Shadow Books - Jase Harper
23 Tasha Nicholls
24 Bad Teeth Comics - Glenn Manders
25 Bianca Valentino
26 Nicky Minus
27 Sally Browne
28 Cameron Loney
29 Sarah Muller
30 Tamara Lazaroff
31 Maria Zarro
32 Sophie Benjamin
33 Emmanuel Hernaez
34 The Soldier Legacy Paul Mason
35 Will Kelly
36 Brendan Foley
37 Nathan Kearney
38 Fernanda Miranda
39 Jack Morgan
40 Nicola Hardy
41 Michael Prior
42 Brisbane Solidarity Network
43 Andy Paine
44 Phillip Dearest
45 Heather Blacklock
46 Tanya Davies & Nancy Francois
47 Maria Merle
48 Jo Ellis
49 Wellbound Productions
50 Woolf Pack - Talia Enright
51 Alisha Jade (Howard)
52 Kay Aspden
53 - 55 Sticky Institute

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Bianca's got a super slick poster for their zine Conversations with Punx; also promoting their participation in the Spiritual Conversations with Punks Panel happening at 2pm on the Sunday of #ZICS14

There's gonna be an easy to locate poster wall this year so if you've got something snazzy and zine related you wanna put up, just go for it!

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Here's a handy map to navigate the labyrinth that is SLQ.

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Write up on the thousands! 2 days!

Calendar - Zine and Indie Comics Symposium - Four Thousand
As a bright-eyed young twerp, hobbies included but were not limited to collating experiences and random facts and photocopying them into self-published epiph...
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Look who's featured in the lasted Concrete Playground Brisbane email out!

Zine and Indie Comic Symposium 2014 at The Edge - Art, Free events - Concrete Playground Brisbane
Throw out all your trashy mags and head to The Edge to get behind the local creatives all about doing it for themselves.
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