Long time supporter and friend of ZICS, Matthew Nicholls has launched a Kickstarter campaign for his first children's book Don't Shut the Door! Support & share people! Matt does a lot to support the indie comic community, it's now time to return the favour!

Don't Shut the Door
This is a children's book that's about the innocence of a child who make up stories of why they do not want their bedroom door closed.
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Tune into 4ZZZ's The Slubberdegullion Show 4zzz!

The Slubberdegullion Show 4zzz
LAST SLUBS SHOW TODAY! Tune in 1-3pm on 4ZZZ! We've got the team behind Woolf Pack Zine coming in for a chat yay! plus an excellent bunch of tunes and chats! :D
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ZICS past and present members will be chatting all things zines and underground with Sarah Howells. 8pm AEST www.612live.com

Rhianna Patrick
What's the best comic you've ever read? Why did you love it?

Tonight we're talking underground comics and zines! Sarah Howells will look into Australia's DIY comic scene at 8.00pm AEST. #ABCRhi

(Image Credit: Sabrina Lauriston, Jeremy Staples, Talia Enright, Alicia Jade)
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ZICSters! The ABC are seeking tales from the underground zine & comic world for a radio piece coming THIS SUNDAY (24th)!!!!!

If you want to chance to tell your story about the community on national radio then PM us for details, ASAP OBVS ;)

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Woolf Pack launch issue #6 at Junky Comics!

Woolf Pack's launching Issue 6, and we're doing it at Junky Comics, the Pack's comics lair of choice. We haven't had a launch since issue 4 and this is our first bi-yearly issue so we're gonna have our frickin' party slippers on
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ZICS co-founder Jeremy Staples is delivering a full day zine workshop at the State Library of Queensland on Saturday 16 Jan from 9:30 am - 03:30 pm as part of the Story Lab summer workshop series. All materials are supplied & participants will take home a copy of the final collaborative zine created on the day. Get in quick at his 2 other zine workshops have already sold out!

Create a zine workshop (ages 13-16) (State Library of Queensland)
Collaborate and embrace your creativity as you work together as a group to create a collaborative zine that expresses your interests.
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