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SATURDAY ZINE LAUNCH! Trigger warning tho.

No Consent = Sexual Abuse Zine Launch
The launch of the near year long community and zine project to facilitate dialogue around sexual abuse in communities where women are the minority, specifically music and skateboarding.

Sexual abuse is a prevalent issue in Australia. One in five women have experienced sexual violence at some stage in their lives since the age of 15 and one in three women have experienced physical violence at some stage in their lives since the age of 15. Most sexual assault victims are female (approx. 82 per cent) and most sexual assaults occur at home.

The current zine focuses on sexual abuse within music and skateboarding communities. Why? The reason is, sexual abuse, domestic violence and rape is a gendered issue, as made clear through statistics, and is also rooted in gender inequality. Within music and skateboarding communities, women are unfortunately still the minority. One of the reasons for this is women do not feel safe often enough within these spaces of male dominance, let alone supported or encouraged to participate.

This situation requires community action. The zine aims to provoke conversation within these communities through realisation that many people you know are experiencing uncomfortable and distressing situations on a day-to-day basis. As well as this, it will bring awareness of rape culture, signs of disrespect and how to stand up to these.

Women are three times more likely to be raped by someone they know than a stranger, and nine times more likely to be raped in their home. The picture painted of rape being a male jumping out of a bush in the middle of the night and having sex with an underdressed girl in the park at random needs to be pushed aside. This is not the ONLY story of rape and sexual abuse.

I have gathered personal stories from community members who have felt unsafe or violated/abused within their respective community. To accompany the stories, artists have illustrated the scene in which the event occurred. This will further the discussion that it can occur in the eyes of the public, eg. at a show, or even within your own home.

Contributions from allies are also in the zine, surrounding the themes of gender equality, safe spaces and standing up for things you hear or see are wrong. This section will show there IS positivity in our communities and there is no blanket claim of negativity within skateboarding and punk music. This positivity needs to be nurtured.

Join us:

7th of November 2015
Turnstyle Community Hub
10 Laura Street, Highgate Hill, Brisbane, 4101
3pm - 7.45pm
Quiet by 8pm please to respect the neighbours.
Entry by Donation
All money raised goes towards 1800RESPECT.
Drug and alcohol free - No discriminatory behaviour will be tolerated.

Featuring gender diverse, live music from Kate Woodhouse, Ultra Material, The Bear Hunt and Bad Bangers.

Video screenings of female skateboarding including Kat Williams, April Caslick, Evie Ryder and more.

Guest speaker from Brisbane Rape and Incest Survivors Support Centre, Michelle Dang.

Free public workshop on consent and anti-violence run by Tessa Fox.

Chai and vegan pizza also available from the wood oven.

3pm - Open
3.30pm - Kate Woodhouse
4pm - Female skate videos
4.15pm - Ultra Material
4.45pm - Workshop on consent and anti- violence, all welcome
6pm - The Bear Hunt
6.30pm - Female skate videos
6.45pm - Guest speaker from BRISSC - Support, Group and Community Education Worker, Michelle Dang
7pm - Bad Bangers
7.30pm - Female skate videos
7.45pm final donation call, close by 8pm
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'Unbeing' an exhibition by Niqui Toldi
Unbeing is the first solo show by illustrator Niqui Toldi. A series of personal works that explore inadequacy, vulnerability and anxiety, each piece represents a fragment of the incomplete self unrealised and dispossessed.

The works on display are a mixture of digital prints, screen prints and paintings, and will be on display in store for the whole month of November.

Opening night Friday November 6 // 6.30pm at Junky Comics.
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You may recall seeing some trippy international comics on sale at ZICS this year as well as fold-out PANTSU artworks from our delightful italian brethren LOKZINE. Keep an eye out for their new print exhibition heading towards Brisbane in the next few months! Details coming soon ;) ;) ;)

Lök Zine
A delicious exposition around the world about the new project

Treviso Comic Book Festival / 19 September 13 October
SLOW Galerie Paris / 22 - 26 October

A project to taste and admire. The best way to get to know a different culture is through food and mythology: eight artists uncover the japanese universe making demons and local courses interact.
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Don't forget! THIS SATURDAY! Local arts @ valley fiesta markets - and if you're a local comic or zine creator, it's not too late to get in on the action! Just send us a cheeky message ;)

Valley Fiesta Day Market
Date: Saturday 24th October, 2015.
Doors: 11am 6pm
Door Price: FREE ENTRY
Photo ID required for entry

!!!!! NO MC dub sessions !!!!
Stall holders:
ZICS comic collective
Suitcase Rummage
***SWEET & SAVOURY TREATS from Alphabet Cafe***
NICO organic underwear
Antler and Moss ceramics and homewares
SALE items from House of Cards
++++ Handmade goods, Art, Fashion and Vintage ++++
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Catch Joseph and Wolfram on 4ZZZ's Queer Radio Brisbane, 102.1FM tonight at 9pm, when we chat about Brisbane's LGBTIQ/MOGII comic readers group 'GraphiQ.'

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