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A reminder to everyone that the first ZICS workshop is happening this coming Tuesday - only a week! If you're interested in coming along then make sure you've booked yourself in.

This workshop is free, and aims to introduce you to the zine & indie comic making process.

ZICS 1 — Intro to Zines and Indie Comics - The Edge
In the lead up to this years ZICS fair (Zine and Indie Comics Symposium, 2123 August), we explore zine and comic book design
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Hey Sydney friends, get your arse out of bed and get on down to the Glebe Town Hall for the Other Worlds Zine Fair!

Other Worlds Zine Fair +, 2015

Other Worlds Zine Fair aims to create an alternative space for the exhange of art and ideas. It began in 2014 as a critical response to the MCA zine fair's connections to mandatory detention through their sponsorship by Transfield. The connections are ongoing and so is Other Worlds. This year the program will expand across three days to include heaps of zines, exhibitions, talks, workshops, and more.

Applications for stalls are now closed.

The zine fair will be held on Saturday 23 May, with other events and workshops taking place on Sunday.

If you would like to hold a workshop on Saturday or Sunday get in touch.
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DIY gig under a bridge with zines!

Solar powered under the bridge gig
Cursed Hebenon (aka David Kimball). devzero.bandcamp.com

@[145560552307267:274:Julia R. Anderson & the Johnnys]

@[480151798706187:274:Gerald Keaney and the Gerald Keaneys]

Introspective (@[416856398363759:274:Hound.] solo)

CD-Rs, zines and tapes and shit.

Happy birthday @[1075838122:2048:Bek Moore]! Gig 1 of 2015's Anti-Bigot Fest, The event will host a variety of music and zines. You are invited to interrogate ideas with like-minded folk.Capitalism is a society of bigots. The alternative we propose is a thoughtful future run by all for all. Email oppose.bigots@gmail.com and see pinned post for details.

Many fragrances and deodourants contain toxic carcinogenic compounds that are cheap to produce but shorten your life and impact on your health. We suggest you do not wear these to the gig.
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Non stop comic drawing for 24 hours,, you'll laugh you'll cry you'll wish you could speak another language and move to supper happy peanutbutter jellybean land!

24Hour Comic Challenge 2015
The 2015 24 hour comic challenge is coming up- Queen's Birthday Weekend
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'Design comp at The Scratch. Should be fun! They hosted the Beer Comics show and it was awesome.' - James

2015 Bar Runner Design Competition
Artists, painters and digital wizards, we are hosting our second Bar Runner design competition!

Whats a bar runner? The picture above in the banner. Its the extremely wide mat you find on a bar top that soaks up the excess beer that spills from your glass when youre trying to carry four drinks back to the table.

Youve got the entirety of May to get your design together. At the end of the month, well select a winner who will get 2 of their very own bar runners with their design as well as a sexy $150 bar tab.

Look out for an art show in mid June featuring a selection of the best entries!

Should you win, well be asking for permission to print a run of Bar Runners with your design to decorate our bar. Beyond that, the designs will permanently belong to you!

Entries close on the 31st of May. Submit as many designs as you like to info@scratchbar.com

Design nerds, your specs below:
PDF image or Illustrator File
Overall Matt Size 870mm x 250mm
Image Area Size 840mm x 220mm
Artwork bleed to 850mm x 230mm
CMYK Format
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If you've got nothing planned tonight, why not hang with the drink'n'draw folk? 6pm tonight @ Grill'd Wintergarden. See you there!

Drink and Draw- This time..it's Personal!
Alright looks like it is normal Drink and draw this week same place, same time! Hope to see you there!
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